Mothers 07240-6 California Gold Clay Bar System

Mothers 07240-6 California Gold Clay Bar System

Mothers 07240-6 California Gold Clay Bar System, (Pack of 6) :

  • You’ve heard of clay bars – professional demolition work, body staff and car friends all talk about their work.
  • Now use the pottery that everyone wants.
  • A unique clay column system designed to remove particulate debris and contaminants that are incapable of washing and polishing removes molten metal grains, wood sap, airborne environmental deposits, and excess spraying of paint.
  • Better yet, clay iron isn’t dangerous for your paint – it’s just strong enough to collect bad items without being too aggressive.
  • Use the Mothers Clay Bar feature to get rid of paint soiling and prevent road damage altogether.
  • Bestautovila offer a comfortable all-in-one package with California’s Gold Clay Bar system.
  • The kit includes two clay styles, a quick press and a microfiber cloth so you can go straight to the details of the car.
  • This pottery is great for cleaning oxidized paints and excess mists.
  • Overall, it offers good value as it includes a quick press and microfiber fabric.
  • It is also one of the easiest clay beams if you have no experience with clay beams as it is not very abrasive.
  • So while this product does a credible job of removing most of the contaminants from the paint, it doesn’t get rid of them all.
  • If the finish of your car is rough, you may want to look into a more professional product.

Mothers 07240-6 California…

Features :

  • Removes sunken metal grains, wood sap, airborne environmental deposits and excess paint.
  • More flexible and not as rigid as other clays; Safe to use on all types of paints, including varnishes.
  • Regular use offers long-term benefits to your vehicle.
  • Adds depth and clarity and leaves the paint silky soft.
  • Pack of 6 sets. The EACH pack contains: (2) 100 grams of clay, (1) 16 ounces. Mothers California golden ruler and (1) 16 “x 16” microfiber towel.