MEGUIAR’S G4016EU Shine Hi-Gloss Protectant

MEGUIAR'S G4016EU Shine Hi-Gloss Protectant

Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Hi-Gloss Interior Dash and Trim Protectant 473 ml:

  • Glossy surface for dashboard and interior.
  • The non-greasy composition cleanses, shines and protects.
  • Excellent UV protection prevents durable protection inside the car.
  • 3M Scotchgard technology included.
  • Finish quickly with glossy vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces.
  • Just spray on and wipe with Meguiar’s X2020EU Supreme Shine microfiber.

MEGUIAR’S G4016EU Shine Hi-Gloss Protectant

More About :MEGUIAR’S G4016EU Supreme

  • For those who love shine and shiny gloss, our Meguiar product G4016EU Supreme Shine Hi-Gloss
  • Protectant is the fastest and easiest way to change the look of dashboards, upholstery, door panels, plastic bumpers and tires.
  • Unlike other preservatives that leave a greasy or matte surface behind, this durable composition creates a non-greasy, revitalizing shine.
  • An effective UV blocker also helps protect against sun damage that can cause fading, cracking and discoloration.
  • Just spray on and wipe with Meguiar’s X2020EU Supreme Shine microfiber. 16oz. Bottle / 473ml bottle.

Versatile :

  • Cleans and protects vinyl, rubber and plastics
  • Protects against fading, cracking and aging

User-friendly :

  • Fog only towards pure microfiber and wipe
  • Non-greasy composition

Carbon polished surface :

  • Offers a premium shine
  • Meguiar’s highest gloss protection agent

Protection :

  • Excellent UV protection for long-lasting protection
  • Features 3M Scotchgard
Reviews :MEGUIAR’S G4016EU Supreme

1.Wipe the work truck and use a little on the dashboard. My colleagues find I have used a lot. It is the most brilliant dashboard in the hands of all work vehicles. It’s been at least two weeks and the truck looks amazing. Every co-worker who arrives at my work car asks me for a secret. If they “reed,” this is a secret sauce.

2. Odor perfume odor and far too shiny / greasy, definitely not “natural shine”. They have had to change the formula because it wasn’t like that before

3. The product cleans quite well and leaves a nice smell. However, I’m not sure if it does a better job than regular microfiber water. I keep using it and see how it lasts. I know that similar products can leave layers and feel oily