Holding Tank Deodorizer Walex TOI Porta (Pack of 10)

Holding Tank Deodorizer Walex TOI Porta (Pack of 250)

Holding Tank Deodorizer

  • unbeatable odor prevention
  • So convenient zippered bag for easy storage
  • formaldehyde-free
  • Biodegradable
  • So The number 1 so  dose of contol fragrance in the world
  • Unbeatable odor prevention
  • formaldehyde-free
  • Unstained color
  • The odor breaks so down and so breaks down waste and paper
  • Never handle messy liquid again! so One dose control product worldwide. The pre-packaged so water-soluble package controls odors, breaks down so waste and so paper, and lubricates valves and seals.
  • Just drop it!
  • Unbeatable odor prevention
  • Convenient zippered bag for easy storage
  • formaldehyde-free
  • biodegradable.Bestautovila.com
Size: pack of 10
  • Porta-Pak is currently used in millions of so commercial properties
  • Porta-Pak has applied so significantly every year
  • Motorhome and marine market. so No other available product offers
    a combination of smelly performance in an easy-to-use drop
    – aging of liquid tank products.
  • NO more Stinky toilet – so unbeatable odor prevention.
  • # 1 Dose control so product in the so motorhome so and marine industries.
  • NEW Advanced Enzyme Formula! Now an even better waste and so order management breach.
  • Cleans the sensors inside the gray and black tank to ensure so  accurate reading of the tanks.
  • Sliding zippered bag for easy storage and so freshness.

More Details:

  • The combination pack contains: (1) bag / 10 individual drops bio-pak
  • The fresh scent of so the Alps and (1) a bag of 5 individual tablets eliminate
    fresh lemon scent.Holding so  Tank Deodorizer
  • The complete set includes a total of (2) bags.
  • Remove the gray water deodorant tablets so to keep your gray water tank
    and clear lines open, flow and odorless Walex research and development
    the department will do it again so  from the same company that brought you
  • The # 1 dose control product in the so RV and marine market will come
    the latest addition to its product line to eliminate is
    gray water deodorant treatment fast dissolving tablet a
    a unique enzyme, odor-saving agent and biodegradable compound
  • so Drop the tablet into the sink or shower and turn on the power
    water and dissolves rapidly in so 20-30 seconds. Bio-pak
    deodorizer and waste cooker new advanced enzyme formula drop
    add so  one biopack to the tank and add water. so Natural
    the enzyme formula begins so to act immediately on the odor and
    decomposes so solids in the waste container. so It also liquefies quickly
    paper, in which case so no special RV-class toilet paper is required.
    Completely safe for the environment and septic tanks.

Product Information:

  • Size:                                                      :pack of 10
  • Manufactured by                               :Walex
  • Brand                                                  :Walex
  • Model                                                 : TOI-91799
  • Product dimensions                        : 1.55 x 1.09 x 0.46 inches
  • Product model number                   :TOI-91799
  • Manufacturer part number            :TOI-91799
  • Folding No.
  • Cover included                                 : PORTA PAK DEODORIZER PK / 10