Deluxe Filler Hose VP Racing Fuels 3044

Deluxe Filler Hose VP Racing Fuels 3044

VP Racing Fuels 3044 Deluxe Filler Hose:

  • 14-inch hose kit for VP Motorsport and VP Sportsman tanks.
  • Excellent for refueling in professional terrain and closed competitions, as well as for the transfer of industrial oils and fluids.Deluxe Filler Hose
  • Forms a watertight seal with a rubber seal for safe pouring
  • Hose cap included
  • Do not use with petrol or street fuels.

Deluxe Filler Hose VP Racing Fuels 3044

About this product:Deluxe Filler Hose

Make the most of your motorcycle with the best possible plastic VP Racing Fuels deluxe refill hose. This fill hose is designed for use with a VP Racing Fuels jug or similar fuel cap. It has so a 14-inch hose line and a screw-on cap to protect the interior from dust and debris. This hose also has a so filter to help keep contaminants out of the motorcycle’s fuel hose and so  pumping system.


  • Brand:      VP Racing Fuels
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  • Availability Notes:     Same day delivery!
  • Condition:                  New
  • Sprint Spare Parts – Fuel System Components – Fuel Stocks
  • Fuel management – Fuel and fuel stocks and components – Fuel and fuel tank filling hoses

Product Details:

  • General Deluxe filling hose, so manufactured by VP Racing Fuels®. Used in VP Motorsport tanks or Sportsman’s containers. 14 “hose assembly with cap. This top so quality product is expertly manufactured to strict industry standards to provide a fusion of balanced design and high professionalism. Made from industry leading materials using state of the art equipment, it so ensures eternal reliability and durable value. This product stands out for its complete quality does not exceed.


  • This product MUST NOT be legally installed in vehicles that must meet CARB standards and / or are registered in California and other states in so accordance with CARB standards, including NY and ME.


  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made of premium materials
  • Built to meet exacting requirements
  • Steve Burns founded VP Racing Fuels®, which initially demonstrated its ability to research and develop in the early 1970s as a young competitor in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Steve, a self-taught student of chemistry and physics, assured that today’s competitive fuel manufacturers did not lose optimal horsepower.
  • To remedy this so  shortcoming, he began experimenting with exotic fuel blends to the much confusion of his parents, whose garage served as Steven’s lab.
  • Steve started with local songs in Texas where competitors experimented with fuel and kept power increases. His first fuel was dipped in “C12 ™”.
  • The word spread and so Steven’s company was founded as VP Racing Fuel in 1974. The passion and dedication of VP’s development team to stay so  at the forefront of technology is legendary.
  • Most of VP’s employees are or have been competitors in one form so or another, and they are competing for the will to compete.
  • Together, the VP team plans to strengthen its position as a true world so leader in racing fuel technology so for years to come.
  • so With its technological forefront of safe high-performance fuels, VP leverages its history and so overcomes its tradition of taking its brand to the next level by opening VP-branded retail outlets and convenience stores throughout the United States.
  • In collaboration with so a selected so  broad-based dealer group, high-tech marketing and technology, so  VP Racing Fuels is one of the fastest growing gasoline retail brands in the country.