Creality Ender 3 Pro Manual Best Reviews – 2020

Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Meanwell Power
  • Ender 3 Pro comes with a UL certified power supply, so which protects your printer from unexpected surges, which can heat the so hot bed to 110 ℃ in just 5 minutes
Rapid heating:
  • It only takes 5 minutes, the heated bed so can reach 110 degree, so meet the requirement to print multiple filaments.
  • Creality Ender 3 Pro can resume printing from last registered extruder position after experiencing unexpected power outages
Simple leveling method:
  • Larger manual turn nut, ergonomic design, allows you to level the platform more quickly.
High precision:
  • CNC machining Y axis mounting groove, precise position, stable structure for better printing

Product Description:Creality Ender 3

Advantages of Creality Ender 3 Pro:
  • ender3 pro cooperates with the Prusa I3 framework:: so extremely innovative design, following the trend, integrating with classic elements, creates a new generation of inexpensive DIY 3D printers.
  •  so Super print size with one so piece structure, save space so but build the world.
  • Safely protected so power supply, reach 110 ℃ for the seedbed in about 5 minutes. Additional power cut protection function to meet the needs of fast so heating and long lasting printing.
  •  CNC machining of the Y-rail mounting slot to ensure so precise positioning and keep the frame stable with high precision print quality.
  • Patent technology: the improved extruder greatly reduces the risk of plugging and bad extrusion; Patented technology: with the POM wheel that moves noiselessly, smoothly and durable
  • New viscous pad adhesive so label so to replace the reprint tape and glue, solve the deformation problem but save the printing cost.
  • 24 hour test for key so components before delivery and one year warranty.
  • Good print quality, reasonable cost for beginners, and so good performance for enthusiasts.
Creality Ender 3 Pro Machine:
  • Modeling Technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • Power supply: UL certified power supply
  • Print size: 220 * 220 * 250mm / 8.6×8.6×9.8inch
  • Machine size: 440 * 410 * 465mm / 17.3×16.1×18.3inch
  • Package Weight: 8.6kg / 19 lbs
  • Maximum travel speed: 180 mm / s
  • Filament: 1.75mm PLA
  • Input: AC 100-265V 50-60Hz
  • Output: DC 24V 15A 360W
  • Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1mm
  • File format: STL, OBJ, G-Code
  • Working mode: compatible in-line USB cable or micro-SD (offline
  • Maximum nozzle temperature: 255 ℃
  • Maximum hot bed temperature: 110 ℃