Chemical Guys CLD_202 Signature Series Glass Cleaner

Chemical Guys CLD_202 Signature Series Glass Cleaner

Chemical Guys CLD_202 Signature Series Glass Cleaner (1 Gal) :

Why buy this product?

  • Unique lined design.
  • Excellent for windows, mirrors, computers, mobile phones and televisions.
  • Safe tinted glass.
  • Non-toxic and ammonia-free.
  • Also available as a signature wiper 473 ML.

Chemical Guys CLD_202 Signature Series Glass bestautovila

How does it work :

  • The Chemical Guys Signature Series glass cleaner is the perfect way to create stained glass, windows and mirrors.
  • The advanced formula is designed to easily break down dirt, dust, debris, bugs, fingerprints and road dirt in seconds.
  • So We designed the Chemical Guys Signature Series cleaner to be the most advanced glass cleaner in the world.
  • The composition for professional use does not contain ammonia;So  therefore, there is no strong odor.
  • Our advanced formula is safe for tinted glass and excellent for cleaning interior and exterior windows.
  • Reach wireless glass quickly and easily to any car, truck, motorcycle, boat and even motorhome.
  • The Signature series glass cleaner is also excellent for cleaning home and industrial windows.
  • We designed the Signature series glass cleaner to work in a very versatile way.
  • So We designed our glass cleaning method to clean plastic windshields, gauges and navigation displays to improve visibility while driving.
  • So We here at Chemical Guys believe that crystal clear glass is important.
  • Our Signature series glass cleaner quickly removes dirt, defects, dirt and road film from your glass for a crystal clear picture of the world.
  • So Just spray a light mist on any glass surface, wipe with a premium microfiber towel and enjoy unbreakable glass.
  • The unique formula works on any glass surface. Easily clean computer screens, LCD TVs, home windows and even plastic windshields.

Professional quality :

  • Chemical Guys Signature Series Cleaner provides professional results.
  • Dirt and debris disappear with just a few syringes.
  • So Our unique composition uses advanced cleaners that clean faster and also fight dirt and dust by reducing static adhesion.
  • Ordinary window cleaners leave streaks and can damage the window tint.
  • The advanced Signature series wiper leaves an unlined luster and is safe with tinted windows and plastic.
  • Experience a crystal clear image of Chemical Guys Signature Series Cleaner.

How to use:

  • Ready-to-use dilution is not required.
  • Spray only a small amount of detergent on a towel or surface.
  • Push the glass in a circle or sideways to remove dirt and grease.
    Turn the towel over the dirty side to clean and polish the surface area of the glass perfected.