10 Best Stackable Tool Boxes

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

10. Best Stackable Tool Boxes:



The Best Stackable Tool Boxes is a modular system of stacking toolboxes that are all built to work together. There are 10 different modular components to the system, including deep toolboxes, drawers, and so even some with wheels that the rest can stack on top of, making it easy to transport everything. Simply grab the boxes with the tools you need, stack them up, and set out.

One great thing about DEWALT products is that you can always trust them to be built well, and so this set of toolboxes is no exception. They’re made from thick, durable plastic that won’t rust or corrode with anti-rust metal latches to keep everything safe and so secure. These are so sturdily constructed that they’re protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

No matter what size of tools you need to store and transport, you’ll find an appropriately sized component in the Tak system. The deep boxes will fit large power tools with no problems, and so you can get smaller boxes for hand tools. Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase each component separately, but that’s what allows you to build a custom setup that’s perfect for your needs.

  • Modular stacking system
  • Can design it to fit your needs
  • Heavy-duty metal hinges and latches
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • The extra-large size will fit power tools with ease
  • Protected by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Each component must be purchased separately

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

9. Performance Tool Plastic Tool Box:

Performance Tool W54012 Plastic Tool Box

Not everyone who needs a toolbox is a professional looking for heavy-duty equipment. For the homeowner who just has a few tools to organize, the Performance Tool W54012 Plastic Toolbox is the right size and so price. It’s one of the cheapest toolboxes we’ve tested, and while it’s not meant for carrying a heavy set of power tools, it’s ideal for organizing a small set of tools meant for odd jobs around the home.

You can choose between four sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 19 inches in length. Inside, there’s a removable tray in which you can keep your most-used tools for easy access. On top, small dividers make it easy to store screws and other small hardware with a clear lid so you can tell where everything is at a glance.

This toolbox is made entirely from plastic that won’t rust or corrode. so It’s not the most durable toolbox on the market, but for the handy homeowner with a few tools to store, so it’s probably the best toolbox for the money.


  • Priced affordably
  • Removable tray for your most-used tools
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Clear-top organizer for small items
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • All-plastic construction won’t rust or corrode
  • It’s not the most durable toolbox

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

8. Milwaukee Rolling Modular Tool Box:

Professionals on the go need a tool storage solution that’s strong and reliable with multiple storage compartments for storing tools of different types and sizes. We think that solution is this Rolling Modular Toolbox from Milwaukee. It’s one of the strongest, most reliable toolboxes we’ve seen, though it’s accompanied by a pretty hefty price tag as well.

This modular tool storage system is completely stackable, making it easy to transport everything at once with the telescoping handle and so built-in wheels. And thanks to the impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds, you can rest assured that your toolbox can handle the load.

You’ll get three separate toolboxes with this setup, allowing you to organize your tools in whatever way suits you best. Each box is weather-sealed and so has metal-reinforced corners and locks to ensure your tools are always safe from everything, including theft and the weather.

The whole set weighs 45 pounds, which would be heavy if you had to carry it, but isn’t bad since it rolls.


  • Impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Three separate toolboxes that lock together
  • Metal-reinforced corners and locks
  • Weather sealed
  • Telescoping handles and wheels make it easy to transport
  • Extremely expensive
  • Weighs 45 pounds

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

7. BIG RED ‎TB101 Steel Tool Box:

This classic red toolbox reminds me of the ones my father or grandfather used to have. Just like its vintage predecessors, it is sturdy enough to hold over 20 pounds of wrenches, mallets, screwdrivers, and so whatnot. It’s no wonder that it receives a high rating from professionals.

In terms of aesthetics, I commend the manufacturer for the excellent paint job. I got this toolbox without any scratches or imperfections. By nature, stainless steel is a lot easier to clean than plastic, but its corrosion-resistant finish sealed the deal for me. Inside the box, there is a removable tray that sits on top where I can put some smaller items.

Looking at its features and quality, I think tradesmen will find it useful for storing their hand tools. As for me, I keep one travel toolbox like this in a car and so another one in my garage. Based on experience, the plated latch is easy to open and closes securely. On the other hand, the handle is comfy to grip.

No doubt, this will outlast the plastic toolboxes. Anyway, I normally just put nails and screws in there. I can’t complain about that, knowing it is cheaper than other toolboxes I reviewed here.
  • Stainless steel construction with an anti-rust finish
  • Simple yet dependable design
  • Carries 20 lbs of tools: wrenches, mallets, screwdrivers, etc
  • The handle is designed with comfort grip
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Easy-to-use latch
  • Comes with a removable tray
  • The tray is made of plastic

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

6. Stalwart Portable Tool Box with Wheels:

I also would like to highlight this heavy-duty rolling toolbox from Stalwart in this fair and legitimate review article. One thing that makes this rolling toolbox remarkable is its heavy-duty nature while remaining portable and easy to handle. 

The same protection can also be received if you bring it to a site, which requires you to move around frequently. This toolbox also guarantees ease of mobility, thereby ensuring that you can work while on the go. It is due to the built-in nylon wheels that can be used smoothly to roll the toolbox around.

Furthermore, it features a fold-down handle taking pride in its comfortable grip, giving you the opportunity of bringing all your required tools each time you get an off-site job. The storage capacity of this rolling toolbox is also impressive.

It has a total of 24 compartments for small parts, a bottom compartment with enough depth for all essential supplies and tools, and a couple of tool trays with a removable design. I like the included cable hooks, too, because it prevents you from worrying too much about tangled or lost extension cords.

You can also use these hooks to hold small supplies and accessories, including tape rolls.

However, this Stalwart rolling toolbox may be incapable of handling too much load, particularly one beyond its threshold or limit.
  • Solid and stable polypropylene and metal construction
  • Impressive storage capacity, thanks to its spacious compartments and tool trays
  • Features cable hooks to prevent tangled or lost cords
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Highly mobile, thanks to its strong and sturdy wheels
  • Easy to carry and move around with its comfortable handle
  • Not ideal for extremely heavy uses

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

5. STANLEY Tool Box, Mobile Chest, 50-Gallon (037025H):

The second product I would like to recommend is the Stanley 037025H Mobile Chest. With all the features it has, I noticed that it caters specifically to the needs and demands of all technicians, carpenters, and so construction workers, among many others.

It has a build that makes it a perfect fit for carpenter tools, like power drills, circular and reciprocating saws, nail guns, and other accessories, like sanders and grinders.

I love the enormous storage capacity of this famous Stanley toolbox. It is designed to be big and spacious enough so it can accommodate and store many tools regardless of their sizes. It has a 50-gallon capacity.

The suggested max weight limit for this mobile chest is actually a hundred pounds but several users say that it does not have problems carrying items up to 500 pounds. I like the built-in steel handle, which is around 15 inches in length, as it also boasts of its soft grip for easier and more comfortable maneuverability.

The soft grip on the handle even makes it possible for you to pull it even for a long period with a lower risk of experiencing fatigue. It also has wheels coated in rubber material, thereby promoting ease in maneuvering the mobile chest. I like the lockable design of this tool chest.

It features locks and keys, thereby ensuring that your stored tools are safe and secure from potential theft. It takes pride in its portable and mobile design, which prevents you from experiencing problems moving it around.

The handles are even collapsible, making this tool chest travel-friendly. Furthermore, it boasts of its wide work surface, which makes it possible for you to do some tasks on top of it.

However, because of its large and bulky size, it may not work conveniently in some work environments.
  • Features a lockable design, promoting the security of your items
  • Portable and mobile, which means that you can easily bring it on travel
  • Features a wide work surface
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Boasts of its enormous storage capacity
  • Easy to maneuver, thanks to its wheels
  • Large and bulky

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

4. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Chest Tool Box:

The next product I wish to talk about is the 3-drawer Metal Chest Tool Box offered by Craftsman. With its red paint, you are assured of its visibility. What it means is that finding it in your garage or any other place is easier.

I am so delighted to say that it has three drawers, promoting ease in tool organization since you can categorize them.

The fact that the organization is categorized means that you will not have problems accessing your stored tools. I like how durably constructed this Craftsman toolbox is. 

This toolbox also leaves an impression through its sturdy draw bolt fastening system, which guarantees users that the contents inside will stay well-protected and secure. It has a sturdy cover hinge, which leads to easy and convenient tool access because it helps keep the drawers and lid open.

When you fasten the lid shut, the compartments can be expected to close and lock automatically, protecting everything inside. I like the compound-action drawer included in this toolbox, too, because it tends to slide close and open with ease when handling heavy loads.

I am also happy to see that there are hasps and staples designed for padlocks as this makes the contents of the toolbox even more secure.

One noticeable flaw, though, is the lack of wheels that are supposedly helpful in maneuvering the toolbox.
  • Comes with compartments with automatic closing and locking function
  • Highly protective and secure because of its draw bolt fastening system
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Capable of protecting the contents inside
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Provides a huge tool organization and storage capacity
  • Not equipped with wheels

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

3. DEWALT Tool Box with Wheels DWST17820:

Workers with a multitude of tools to bring along need to know about the spacious and highly-functional product called the DEWALT Tool Box with Wheels DWST17820.

As being made deeper than the usual device, this box is designed to offer storage space with impressive magnitude for heavy-duty employees. It is convenient to have a piece that is capable of hosting a wide range of tool sizes. Whether they are massive drills or small wrenches, everything can have a proper sit inside those compartments.

When fully packed with heavy equipment, users can resort to the long handle and robust wheels to move this whole package around. These features are customized to be excellent for mobility, especially the telescoping handle with a leaning backward function. They turn this box into a mobile workshop that is present anywhere we need it to be.

Under frequent utilization, usual latches can turn rusted and ruin the product sooner than we desire. But with this anti-rust metal material used, we can comfortably go with the piece for extended seasons. More importantly, its latches can bear excessive loads without being broken or malfunctioning.

Notably, buyers seem to be interested in this all-black apparatus. Admitting a matter of fact, we can never go out of style with such a basic and cool look.
For years to come, people can confidently mix and match their outfits with this classy product. Beyond that, there are some complaints about the water seal of the device somehow not being tight enough.
  • Host myriad of tools with an impressive capacity
  • Excellent functions to support mobility
  • Long and flexible telescopic handle
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Rugged wheels for smooth transport
  • Anti-rust latches for long-lasting use
  • Classy all-black look
  • Not tight enough water seal

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

2. DEWALT Tool Box Tough System:

If you are not a fan of DEWALT products yet, you might end up being one after checking out one of its finest models called the DEWALT Tool Box DWST08204.

so It is a natural trend that many newbies in the industry will take this product for their first missions. They have some excellent reasons to make such a choice, and one of those is the balance between reasonable price and so good quality. As constructed out of robust foam, this box can endure the significant weight of massive gear without collapsing any time soon.

Once we finish classifying our power equipment from hand tools and other small parts, it is breezy to fit them into proper orders.

There are well-designed vertical compartments for us to complete packing in no time. People also love the removable tray that keeps their frequent-use manuals for instant reach. Additionally, independent units needed for the tasks can be stacked on top of this box with the help of its tough-made side latches.

To keep the inner content away from external hazards, the manufacturer applies the IP65 water seal on the lid. so It shows excellent usage when we put the toolbox on muddy and wet surfaces or when we pace back and forth under a drizzle to finish our duties. 

Another great feature that we notice about the piece is its multiple gripping handles for easy carrying. You can either use the center or the side ones at your convenience. Do not forget to lock the toolbox carefully before trying to lift and move it around. Also, if we treat the device without much care, it does not last as long as we expect.
  • Reasonable price
  • A good-quality stackable toolbox
  • Endure massive weight
  • Well-designed vertical compartments
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Specific slots or different tool categories
  • Side latches for extra units stacked on
  • Protect well our gears
  • Multiple handles for easy carrying
  • Not the most long-lasting

Best Stackable Tool Boxes

1. Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box:

When you have a low budget to spend on a quality product, take a look at the Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box.

This model of carrier is a real treat for individuals who love low-profile toolboxes. Instead of drawing much attention to its simple look, the piece piques attention with how strong and so durable it can be in handling the harsh conditions of their workplaces. The weather-proof material minimizes the chance of this box becoming rusted, peeled, or dented after a short while.

As finding more contentment, the brand introduced a smart and so versatile layout for this tool storage bin. so With broad and so deep primary holders available, we can keep our large gadgets such as power drills, hammers, and so on. Meanwhile, smaller and so adjustable boxes with dividers will host nail sets, pencils, nuts, bolts, and other small items in a well-organized fashion.

Workers are eager to travel with this wheel toolbox after knowing about its fantastic mobility. They can choose to utilize the extendable handle to push the device in a smooth ride on uneven terrain. Undoubtedly, moving a weighty load of equipment through transit cannot get easier than this.

Due to this feature, we are free from the constant worry about prolonged transportation will make a mess out of our gadgets. Still, there is room for improvement on this lock’s sturdiness.
  • Low-profile
  • An affordable device
  • Smart and versatile layout
  • Spacious room storage for categories of tools
  • Best Stackable Tool Boxes
  • Ensure a well-organized tool order with multiple compartments
  • A flexible toolbox on wheels
  • Locking mechanism for security
  • The flimsy lock needs an improvement

Best Stackable Tool Boxes