8 Best Roof Rack Cross Bars

Best Roof Rack Cross Bars

8. Best Roof Rack Cross Bars:



The Best Roof Rack Cross Bars save users time by allowing their bikes to be fully mounted without any disassembly required. A soft rubber claw grips the chassis, while saddles with straps cradle each tire. The tightness can also be adjusted using an included torque dial to get a perfectly secure fit without over-stressing the bike’s frame.

The upright carrier holds one bike up to 44 pounds, and two of them can be mounted side-by-side on midsize to large roofs. An optional locking mechanism (sold separately) is also available to prevent thefts while the bicycle is mounted. Thule products all come with a limited lifetime warranty, as well.


  • Mounts full bike
  • Adjustable torque
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Locks sold separately

Best Roof Rack Cross Bars

7. Yakima JetStream Aerodynamic Crossbars:

Ends of two Yakima Jetstream crossbarsWhen we were choosing a set of crossbars for our personal vehicle, we spent our own money on the Yakima JetStreams. The company’s more than 40-year reputation, limited lifetime warranty, and high-quality, innovative products tipped the decision over their main competitor, Thule.

W used the JetStream roof rack on a Mazda5 for more than five years, and they still look like new. As this minivan didn’t come with factory rails, we did have to buy a set of Skyline towers to fit into the bar ends, and four Landing Pads to mount permanently to the factory roof attachment points.

At almost $450 (in 2016), it wasn’t a cheap investment, but since then we’ve used them extensively and particularly appreciate how easily and securely they latch and unlatch from the roof. One person can put them on or take them off in about the time it takes to walk around the car.

Assembly was tricky and there we did have to make several adjustments to get them to fit just right, but after that, all we’ve ever done is double-check tightness on the pads once a year. What little wind noise they make is hushed, and the penalty to gas mileage is less than 1 MPG.

There’s extensive compatibility through the Yakima ecosystem, with many specialty attachments, and they come in 50-, 60- and 70-inch widths. If you’re looking for roof rack crossbars that balance aerodynamics with durability, take a look at the Yakima JetStream Crossbar.