10 Best Mini Fridge For Car

Best Mini Fridge For Car

10. Best Mini Fridge For Car:



Colorful, portable, and fun, the Best Mini Fridge For Car is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their things cool in style. This mini fridge has a 4L storage capacity and can fit 6 cans of soda. It has freon-free environmental cooling that works with a special noise reduction technology.

You can store all sorts of products such as snacks, beauty products, drinks, and more in this little product. It has an adjustable temperature setting which makes it ideal for specific cooling modes. It runs on AC and DC power supply and you can easily plug it into your car.


  • Supports multiple power supplies
  • Environment-friendly cooling
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Cool to warm temperature settings
  • It will drain the car’s battery if plugged in when the vehicle’s engine is off

Best Mini Fridge For Car

9. Cafe Built-In Dual-Drawer Refrigerator:

Best Mini Fridge Options

The built-in Cafe mini-fridge looks great, with a sleek, stainless steel exterior that highlights almost any kitchen. It also features two pullout drawers with a combined capacity of 5.7 cubic feet to keep food and drinks cold.

This mini-fridge measures 33.875 inches tall by 23.875 inches wide by 26 inches deep, and the drawers are designed with a soft-close function that prevents them from slamming.

The mini-fridge has a built-in door alarm that helps to reduce unnecessary energy use and prevents the contents from going bad by signaling to the user when the door has been left open for too long.

Additionally, this mini-fridge has a Sabbath mode to prevent accidental use during religious observances; it automatically turns off all electrical activity when the drawers are opened.

Users can turn this feature on or off depending on their individual preferences, and the drawers and shelves can also be adjusted to the user’s ideal arrangement. Just keep in mind that this mini-fridge does not have a freezer function.


  • The innovative pullout drawer design; provides better access to the full depth of the fridge
  • Door alarm signals if the door is left open; a great way to avoid accidental energy waste
  • Sabbath mode prevents accidental use during religious observances
  • Adjustable shelves and drawers allow users to create their ideal storage space


  • Lacks a freezer function; which is not suitable for shoppers looking for a combo

Best Mini Fridge For Car

8. Uber Appliance Portable Mini Fridge:

Uber Appliance Portable Mini Fridge

Our last pick for the best mini fridge for breast milk is the Uber Appliance Portable Mini Refrigerator. It is a budget buy with a cute, vintage look, and it comes in six colors vintage red, matte black, silver, blue, and white.

Uber Fridge is a four-liter or six-can mini-fridge that works either by plugging it into a wall outlet or a car cigarette lighter. That means it’s a portable choice that you can easily take with you traveling or working.

Like many other mini-fridges for breast milk on the list, it offers a warming and cooling function, allowing you to keep your milk stored down to 32℉ or heat it to 150℉. Another nice feature is the removable shelf for better storage configuration and a self-locking door for safekeeping.


  • Vintage Appearance
  • Various Colors
  • Warming & Coloring Functions
  • Removable Shelf


  • Reviews Say It May Die Before a Year
  • Semi-Loud

Best Mini Fridge For Car

Fans of the retro-future Fallout franchise (*raises hand*) will appreciate the exterior design of this mini fridge. Looking for all the world like something unearthed from Vault 111, this thermo-electric cooler/warmer doubles as a neat bit of Coca-Cola memorabilia. The seller makes a claim of a unique semiconductor operation, making it energy-efficient and ultra-quiet.

It is rated to cool items down to 35° – 40° below ambient temperature, which is a slightly better performance than your author’s selection listed above. On an internal thermostat, it’ll warm up to about 150 degrees. The whole thing weighs about 10 pounds and measures roughly a foot square but with a couple of extra inches of height.


  • Looks neat, the chills are a bit colder than the others


  • Nostalgia isn’t overly cheap

Best Mini Fridge For Car

For once, the budget pick actually comes from a recognized brand name. Costing not much more than some of the drinks you’ll pack into its six 12oz can capacity, this little red fridge pulls off the triumvirate of looking neat while garnering good ratings and being affordable.

The item itself measures 10 inches tall and deep, spanning about 7 inches across. This isn’t huge, and the fridge seems designed solely for 12oz cans. However, the seller asserts there is a removable shelf inside, so fitting a few snacks that aren’t shaped like a Silver Bullet might actually be possible.


  • Very affordable, and actually looks kinda retro cool


  • Primarily made to cool canned drinks

Best Mini Fridge For Car

5. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer:

Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge for Bedroom - Car, Office Desk & Dorm Room - Portable 4L/6 Can Electric Plug In Cooler & Warmer for Food, Drinks, Beauty & Makeup - 12v AC/DC & Exclusive USB Option, White

Need a personal mini-fridge at work? Or perhaps a handy beauty fridge for your vanity to store your skincare products? Cooluli is just the friend you need. With a top handle, you can easily carry this around with ease — just be wary not to swing it too much as the door isn’t secured with a lock or a strong enough suction to stay firmly shut.

It fits exactly six cans with no room left for anything else, which is great for keeping your lunch in at work or for your moisturizers, face masks, and serums. May not be able to fit a tall bottle of water so you may have to work around that. However, it runs well plugged in and unplugged with no difference in inefficiency.

It gets as cold as a regular-sized fridge, so you won’t have to compromise on its cooling power. Check out this fun-sized portable fridge now!


  • Fitted with an energy-saving cooling chip
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Comes with AC, DC & USB power cords
  • Top handle for ease of portability


  • The door isn’t secure and may open while being carried around

Best Mini Fridge For Car

4. Crown Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer:

crownful portable 6 can mini refrigerator

The Crown Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer takes our Editor’s Pick designation with ease for its combination of affordable pricing, unique features and options, and compact, go-anywhere sizing.

You won’t be packing a weekend’s worth of beverages and snacks into this one, but if you’re traveling light and want to keep a few cans and a snack cool until you reach your lunch stop, it’s the perfect 12v small refrigerator for your car or truck.

Not only is the theCrownful Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer a great-looking truck fridge, but it’s also extremely quiet, highly energy efficient, and portable enough that you’ll want to use it every day.

All power cord provisions are included, and awesomely, you can even power the theCrownful Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer from a portable USB power bank — which greatly expands the range of situations where it might come in handy.

Not only a fridge, but this well-reviewed product is also warmer, too. Perfect for a few sandwiches and cans of pop, some users also use this product to transport insulin, medication, breast milk, and cosmetics. Did we mention that it’s really affordable?!