Best Floor Mats for Cars

Best Floor Mats for Cars

Best Floor Mats for Cars:



These mats are so great for all seasons! Whether it’s the height of summer or the coldest stretch of winter — these floor mats are built to withstand the weather.
These arrive in a universal size, but they’re easy to trim. Just cut around the guided edges until it’s the right size for your floor. Once they’re in place, they’ll stay put due to the Carpet Claws. This patent-pending design features anti-slip technology to keep your floor mat safely secure.
These mats will protect your floors from drink spills, squished food, rain, sleet, snow, sand, and other kinds of dirt. They’re easy to remove and clean, too. We also love that even in subzero temperatures, these mats won’t crack, curl or split.


  • All-weather rubber.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Best Floor Mats for Cars
  • Carpet Claw feature.
  • No cracking, curling, or splitting in cold weather.


  • Very strong odor.
  • The back mats are very small.

Husky Liners X-act Contour Floor Liners:

husky floor liner just lying there
Husky came out ahead in our head-to-head with WeatherTech, and readers agreed: Commentors said that Huskys “is a softer material…and lay much better,” are “easy to keep clean,” and “I had absolutely no issues with it, and it fit perfectly and did not move.”
They particularly praised the larger size that covers more of the floor, stay-put knobs on the bottom, and pliable rubber construction that lays flat. Husky calls those knobs Stay Put Cleats, and there are a lot of them that will grip into your factory carpets.
These will probably not be a good choice if you have a bare floor. A raised edge fits very tightly along the door jamb and reaches up under seats to help keep dirt and water from escaping from the grooves.
The X-act Contour is more or less equivalent to the WeatherTech Floorliner; and a more upscale Husky Weatherbeater model is available, which the company positions above the WeatherTech Floorliner HP. Like the premium competition, Husky uses a laser measuring system for a custom fit.
We’ve occasionally had problems with custom floor mats in standard transmission vehicles, which may not have been measured separately from automatic versions of the same model, so we’d suggest checking in on a vehicle-specific forum if that’s you.