10 Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier

10. Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier:



If you want quality small appliances, Honeywell is a name you see everywhere and trust. The 30-pint Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier matches the quality you’d expect.

The unit weighs only 34 lbs and has rugged rolling casters and a sturdy swiveling handle to help get it set up. The handle will sustain a massive 150 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you need to use it to lift the unit.

The entire unit measures 10.5 x 13.2 x 20.1 inches, leaving it to easily fit in most bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, or other spaces. The unit sports a stylish black-and-white design, making it aesthetically pleasing.

You can easily capture the condensate with the internal 7-pint reservoir. There is a clear level window to allow you to monitor how much moisture is in the tank. You’ll empty the reservoir without hassle thanks to the integrated handle and splash guard.

If you prefer to run the unit with less oversight, the continuous drain option allows the condensate to drain automatically. The unit comes with a 3-foot drain line so that you can start using the drain feature immediately.

The unit offers smart humidity control, with the ability to control your moisture between 30% and 90% relative humidity. There are two fan speeds, both of which run quietly with a maximum noise rating of 49.5 dB.

Your unit is protected from damage with the automatic defrost, an automatic full reservoir shutoff, and a filter indicator when it needs cleaning. The unit also comes equipped with an automatic restart following a power interruption.


  • A lengthy 5-foot power cord for extra versatility in unit placement
  • There is a dual display, showing the humidity on both the primary display and the front of the unit
  • There is a cord bracket on the back of the unit to store the power cable
  • The unit offers a 24-hour timer to simultaneously schedule both delay start and auto-off functions


  • The condensate reservoir is a little on the small side for the dehumidifying capacity
  • The included condensate drain line is quite short, reducing flexibility for unit placement if you intend to use this feature

9. BLACK+DECKER Portable Dehumidifier:

BLACK+DECKER Portable Dehumidifier

In contrast, you may need a dehumidifier to pull moisture from a much larger space. Most energy-efficient dehumidifiers cover floor areas between 1,500–2,000 square feet, which is why the BLACK+DECKER Portable Dehumidifier’s 3,000 square feet is exceptional. Its capabilities make it the perfect fit for a larger living room or office space.

Aside from being Energy Star-certified, this dehumidifier is compact yet powerful. Its 8-pint tank allows it to pull 30 pints of moisture daily, removing odors and preventing mold expertly. In addition, the environmentally friendly refrigerant and removable, washable mesh filter are a few other features to note.

You don’t need to worry about this dehumidifier overflowing, as you’ll receive alerts from the built-in indicator light and an audible alert system when the unit is full. However, a standard garden hose is a perfect alternative for continuous gravity feed draining.

  • Ideal for an office or living room
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier
  • Efficient and quiet operation
  • Easy to move from room to room
  • Requires professional service after six months
  • Small bucket requires constant emptying
  • Vendors often make errors with delivery


7. Midea Cube 50 Pint Dehumidifier-Power Consumption:

Midea Cube Dehumidifier

First, on the list of the best energy-efficient dehumidifier, we have the Midea Cube dehumidifier. The energy usage of this unit is 425W. It is one of the best energy-efficient models available in the market that also ensures that your home is free from excess moisture.

The Midea Cube unit can maintain your desired humidity level while absorbing 50 pints of moisture from the air. It can cover an area of 4,500 sq ft and is a perfect choice for any living space, crawl space, basement, etc. It comes with many advanced features that make it one of the best energy star-certified dehumidifiers. However, unlike most energy-efficient dehumidifiers, this model has a special addition to its list. It is one of the first energy-efficient models that can extend. This extendable unit can work in nested form as well when space is limited.

The best dehumidifier for energy efficiency comes without a removable water tank. Mess-free removal of the absorbed water can be emptied over a sink or using the drain hose that comes with the unit. It is indeed one of the best energy-efficient dehumidifiers that can function 3x longer than most dehumidifiers.

Does this energy-efficient dehumidifier mark off your expectations to maintain the ideal humidity level of your home? Visit Amazon.com right away to avail this unit at the best price.


  • One of the best dehumidifiers suitable for large room sizes.
  • Can cover an area of 4,500 sq ft effectively.
  • Powerful dehumidifier to maintain the ideal humidity level.
  • Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier
  • An ideal choice for portable dehumidifiers.
  • Energy-star certified unit that is conscious of energy factor used.
  • Impressive tank capacity.


  • More power operation unit.

6. Walker Commercial Dehumidifier:

Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier

Walker is an amazing brand choice to pick if you are looking for a high-quality commercial dehumidifier that’s portable and easy to use as well since all its offerings are like that.

Speaking about this particular model, we have placed this one in 3rd position in this list as it is loaded with features and comes at a really interesting price point. Its design is pretty elegant and perfectly ideal to use indoors. That said, it can effectively remove up to 130 pints per day from a floor area of up to 6000 square feet. If you are concerned about the features, this dehumidifier is equipped with a 24-hour built-in timer function, Auto Defrost, and also has a power outage auto-restart function as well.

Although the unit is quite large in size, you can easily move it around from one place to another, thanks to the heavy-duty castor wheels at the bottom. On top of it, you get a control panel with a digital display that shows you all the information about the settings in a precise manner, and allows you to adjust the desired humidity levels, fan speed, timer function, etc. Since it’s a portable dehumidifier, it offers you a dual drainage system.

You can either use the continuous drainage system as it comes with a 2-meter-long drain hose. On the other hand, it also has a huge 5 liters tank, in case you want to drain the water manually. When it detects the tank is full, the auto shut-off feature also activates.


  • Comes with plenty of advanced features
  • Has a 2-meter-long drain hose and a huge 5 liters tank
  • Portable and Stylish design


  • The size is very big

8. Most Energy Efficient Portable Dehumidifiers:

This unit features custom humidity control and a 24-hour On/Off timer that allows you to set your preferred humidity level for a specific time. It is considerably quiet with minimum noise levels of around 47 to 51 decibels. Unlike most other brands with only two fan speeds, you have three options with Frigidaire: Low at 167 CFM air flow rate, Med at 194 CFM, and High at 229 CFM. While a compressor dehumidifier is naturally loud, a higher CFM fan can mask the compressor noise with the more pleasant fan noise. In addition, the top exhaust helps distribute the sound more evenly, creating a more pleasant sound.

It also comes with an easy-to-access washable mesh filter and an indicator light that will notify you when it’s time to clean it. The auto shut-off feature automatically turns off the unit when the large 2-gallon water bucket is nearly full. The Bucket Full alert tells you when you need to drain the water, a hassle-free task using the front-loading bucket with a carry handle and splash guard.

To enable continuous drainage, attach a standard garden hose to the drain outlet. It’s also available in a similar 50-pint with a built-in pump. Frigidaire’s SpaceWise design includes a top handle, caster wheels, and a cord winder to make dehumidifying from room to room much easier.

You may notice that Frigidaire doesn’t have an Auto Defrost mode like other compressor dehumidifiers. This is because it’s specially designed to work in lower temperatures without having to stop periodically to melt the frost, thus saving energy. So, if you live in an area where temperatures often drop below 65°F, Frigidaire is the most efficient option for you. Although, take note that it’s on the higher end in most aspects, including the price.


  • Works well in low temperatures
  • Custom humidity control and timer
  • Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifier
  • Large water bucket
  • SpaceWise design
  • Quiet operation
  • Continuous drain option


  • Higher price

5. TOSOT 50 Pint Dehumidifier:

The TOSOT 50 Pint dehumidifier offers high-capacity dehumidification for large spaces. It has nearly invisible rolling casters on the bottom and integrated handles at the top of the sides to make moving the unit easier. The unit has automatic humidity control, displays the current humidity level, and has three different fan settings to more effectively serve the room size and starting humidity level.

You have the option of both an internal condensate reservoir and a continuous drain feature. The internal reservoir has a 2-gallon capacity, needing to be emptied only three times a day when running at its peak. The continuous drain works with a standard garden hose, allowing you to connect whatever length of hose you need. The reservoir has an automatic shutoff when it fills, with an indicator light on the control panel. You’ll also be able to check the condensate level with the level indicator window on the front of the reservoir.

Don’t worry about needing to reset the unit if there’s a power interruption. It has an automatic restart, including resetting the previous settings when the power comes back online. You’ll also have an indicator when it’s time to clean the air filter, reducing the risk of damaging the unit from low airflow.


  • The power cord is a lengthy 5ft, giving you flexibility as to where you set it up
  • The operational range goes down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, so it works well in basements
  • It has a low-noise operation, rating a mere 51dB with the fan on high
  • The condensate reservoir has a lid and handles to assist with mess-free emptying


  • The continuous drain doesn’t have a pump, so you need to keep it close to the floor drain
  • The wheels are small, making them less effective on carpet

4. GE Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier:

GE continues to service the consumer appliance market with the 50-pint Energy Star Dehumidifier. This powerful dehumidifier will serve a room of up to 3,000 square feet, drawing a massive 200 CFM while on high. You have the option of using the 1.8-gallon internal condensate reservoir or the continuous drain function. The condensate reservoir has a clear window to allow you to keep an eye on the reservoir level.

The controls include a simple power button, humidity control, and three fan settings. Once the unit is running, you can set a timer to automatically turn the unit off in either two or four hours.

The unit operates most efficiently between 41 degrees and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, with relative humidity between 30% and 90%. This range helps prevent reducing your humidity beyond a healthy level.

It has several safety features to help keep your unit safe and working for years to come. First, there’s an automatic shutoff when the condensate reservoir gets full. It also alerts you with an alarm and indicator light. There’s also an automatic defrost to protect your evaporator coils from freezing. Finally, the unit includes the standard washable air filter, located on the front. There is an indicator light to let you know when it’s time to wash the filter, about every 250 operational hours.


  • The unit has a 6-foot power cable, giving flexibility to where you set it up
  • There is very little noise during operation, with a rating of 51dB on high
  • You can place the unit up to 16 feet away from the drain with the condensate pump
  • The condensate reservoir has a lid to help prevent spilling while emptying


  • We’d like to see a timer to delay the start of the unit
  • The reservoir is a little tricky to put back into the unit without also holding the back of the dehumidifier

3. LG PuriCare 50-Pint Pump and Wi-Fi Energy Star Dehumidifier:

LG continues to offer exceptional consumer products, including this 50-pint dehumidifier. This unit is sleek, curvy, and black, making it easy to include in modern decor. It measures 12.6 x 16.8 x 26.2 inches and weighs 45.2 lbs. There are rolling casters on the bottom and integrated handles on the side.

The massive 50-pint capacity will service a room of up to 2,000 square feet. The fan offers two speeds, circulating air at 158.9 and 194.2 CFM. Despite the incredible air movement, the noise caps out at 50dB while on high. There is also an internal condensate reservoir that will hold an impressive 1.7 gallons, with an integrated bucket cover and full-length handle to aid in emptying. The unit will shut down when it’s full to prevent overflowing, and will illuminate an indicator light on the control panel.

If you prefer to allow the unit to run without supervision, you can attach the included drainage line for continuous draining. This unit also features a built-in condensate pump to allow you to run the hose up to 16 feet away from the pump.

The control panel has an integrated humidistat to allow you to set the ideal humidity for your room. The display will show you both the set humidity and the current humidity. There is a timer to allow you to automate turning the unit off, with 1-hour increments of up to 12 hours.


  • The condensate pump automatically turns itself on and off based on the level of water in the condensate reservoir
  • There is a built-in 1-hour shutoff after 23 hours of continuous operation to prevent overheating
  • It includes an auto-restart after a power interruption with a reset of the last programmed settings
  • You can attach a longer hose to reach a sink if you don’t have a floor drain


  • The condensate pump does not completely empty the condensate reservoir, so you still have to empty it weekly to avoid odors
  • We wish the product app indicated when the reservoir is full

2. Danby 30 Pint Dehumidifier:

If you’re looking for a compact but high-capacity dehumidifier, look no further than the Danby 30 Pint Dehumidifier. This model easily fits into just about any space, with a footprint measuring only 10.94 x 15.2 x 19.72 inches. It has molded handles on the side along with rolling casters on the bottom to assist with maneuvering the 33.7 lbs unit.

This Energy Star-certified model keeps dehumidification simple, with easy-to-use controls and low energy consumption. You simply turn the model on, set the humidity level, and choose one of the two fan speeds. If you need to run the unit continuously, there is a simple button to set for continuous operation. The timer feature allows you to both delay start or automatically shut down the unit. You can set it for 30-minute increments up to 10 hours, or in 1-hour increments up to 24 hours.

The unit has a 1.9-gallon condensate reservoir, so you’ll only have to empty the bucket twice a day at the most. If you prefer for your unit to function without much supervision, you’ll want to use the gravity-fed continuous drain feature. To use this, you’ll simply need to connect a standard garden hose and feed it to a nearby floor drain.

Your unit is protected with an automatic defrost function to prevent coil freezing while used in low temperatures. There is also a filter indicator to remind you to clean the filter about every two weeks. This protects your unit from burning out the compressor because of too little airflow.


  • The small footprint is easy to use in just about any space
  • There’s an automatic restart if there’s a power interruption
  • When the condensate reservoir is full, you’ll be alerted with a beeping alarm as well as the indicator light
  • Unlike many other models, the timer allows you to set both a delayed start and stop simultaneously


  • The molded handles are shallow, making them difficult to get a good grip for lifting
  • The model runs louder than other similar models, up to 56dB on high

1. Ivation 3,000 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier:

Ivation is known for its quality household appliances. The 50-pint Energy Star-certified dehumidifier meets the expectations of the brand while also keeping a high-efficiency rating from Energy Star. While operating at its peak, the unit will pull up to 50 pints of moisture from the air daily, suitable for up to 3,000 square feet.

The unit measures 14.76 x 11.38 x 24 inches and weighs 35.3 lbs. The unit has rolling casters and integrated handles on the sides. You’ll choose between the internal 6.7-pint reservoir and the continuous drain. The internal reservoir has a swiveling handle and a lid to help prevent spilling. The reservoir also has a clear window on the front so that you can keep an eye on the level. The continuous drain works with a standard garden hose to run to a nearby floor drain.

The controls are simple, with power, humidity selection, and three different fan speeds. There is also a timer to allow you to delay start or set it to automatically shut off after either 2 or 4 hours. The system will shut off when the condensate reservoir reaches capacity. There is also an indicator on the control panel to remind you to wash the air filter every 250 operational hours.

Should you lose power while using the dehumidifier, it has an automatic restart that saves the previous settings. When the power returns, it automatically resets those settings and restarts the unit. There is also a frost sensor that will turn off the compressor and keep the fan running to evaporate the frost during low-temperature operation.


  • The power cord is 6 feet long, allowing for maximum placement flexibility
  • It weighs less than most other similar capacity and efficiency models
  • There are three fans to offer greater flexibility in airflow
  • The unit operates in temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit


  • You can only set the timer to either start or stop the machine, but not to set up a schedule
  • The condensate reservoir is a little small, leading to frequent emptying