Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant

Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant - [September 2021 ]

Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant:



  1. The traditional method of drying would usually feature a drying towel and your favorite quick detailer for some added gloss and protection.
  2. Turtle Wax Dry & Shine aims to make the drying process easier and more efficient,
  3. whilst making good use of their “hybrid technology” which blends silicone properties, synthetic sealants, and carnauba wax for an impressive result.
  4. Following the recent release of the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions range,
  5. Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant.
  6. Dry & Shine hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight, so we’re keen to see what this product has to offer!


  1. Great value and affordability
  2. Extreme hydrophobicity (water repellency) and water beading
  3. Creates a strong bond with paintwork quickly
  4. Very durable considering how easy it is to apply

In-depth review: Best Car Interior Vinyl

First impressions

  1. In keeping with the Turtle Wax Hybrid range, Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant Dry & Shine presents a blue bottle with an impressive label, stamped “hybrid technology”.
  2. It’s not necessarily flashy, but more importantly, the label includes a lot of information about what’s in the product and how to use it.
  3. In its category of drying aids / wet coats, Turtle Wax is without a doubt one of the most affordable. It is quite easy to buy a 750 ml bottle for less than ten dollars.
  4. You don’t need to use much of this product when applying it to the car, so 750ml should also last a while, making this product extremely affordable.

Using Turtle Wax Dry & Shine:

  1. Turtle Wax Dry & Shine should be applied after rinsing the car with water after contact washing. Dry & Shine should always be applied in a wet car.
  2. After testing Dry & Shine, we applied it to all paint areas on the car, making sure to avoid glass to avoid unwanted stains and scratches.
  3. Due to the high concentration of the product, we found that you should avoid over-application as this could cause unwanted staining and streaking.
  4. We found that less is definitely more with this product.
  5. Spray each panel a few times for the best results. As an example, we found that fogging the door panel twice (upper half and lower half) was more than enough.
  6. Here at Clean Car Talk, we love a good trigger mechanism. 
  7. The Turtle Wax Dry & Shine mechanism is much better than you would expect for such a low-priced product, offering a better spray than some premium brands.
  8. After applying the turtle wax seal and shine on the glass, do not let it sit.


Immediate results

  1. We tested Dry & Shine on a car that had no pre-applied protection, so it was perfect for testing its capabilities.
  2. Before applying this product, the water clings to the paint, making drying much more time-consuming than it should be.
  3. After its first application, the results of this product were amazing. Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant
  4. The level of hydrophobicity was very impressive, causing the water to disperse from the car quickly and leave very few droplets.
  5. Obviously, this product will not produce the same level of shine as wax, but considering the ease of application, the levels of shine were also very impressive.
  6. During testing, we used a shampoo with no shine enhancers or fillers, so the noticed change in shine and protection was due to Dry & Shine.

Short-term results:

  1. In the week following the application of Dry & Shine, the British weather was predictably unpredictable, meaning we saw sunshine, rain, sleet, and frost.
  2. The car had been well driven for the week Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant, which means there was enough dirt in the car to warrant a quick maintenance wash.
  3. Drying was as easy as when we first apply the turtle wax seal and shine it on the glass, so there was no need to recharge.

Long-term results:

  1. After leaving this product in the car, we could still see noticeable water droplets after a few weeks. If you start to see the protection wearing off, just fill in with a few more sprays.

Additional thoughts:

Do not over apply

  1. Drying aids are an absolutely great tool to keep in your arsenal of details, but they should definitely be treated with respect, especially those like Turtle Wax Dry & Shine.
  2. Turtle Wax Dry & Shine is designed to be used on a wet surface, which means that the pure concentration is very high, as it will be diluted with the water on the paint surface.
  3. This means that it is crucial not to apply this product too much to avoid streaks and stains in the paint that can be quite difficult to remove.
  4. We found that a couple of sprays per panel is more than enough for this product. 
  5. Using more of this product will not increase its capacity of this product.

Use on wheels:

  1. This turtle wax ice seal n shine review is a great touch for freshly cleaned wheels, as well as paint.
  2. Give each wheel a quick spray and rinse Turtle Wax Dry & Shine for added protection and water action.

Slow drying:

  1. Personally, the idea of ​​getting into a freshly washed car and driving it to dry it shudders me a bit;
  2. There is a chance that lurking water can stain the car and make it dirty when streaked dry.

Turtle Wax Dry & Shine Review Verdict:

  1. After seeing the excellent reviews for Turtle Wax Dry & Shine, I was eager to see what this product was all about.
  2. It’s safe to say that I am absolutely blown away by the value this product offers. 
  3. It is one of the best drying aids on the market, offering easy application, the Best Car Interior Vinyl Protectant good protection, and a glossy finish.
  4. But what was most impressive to us was the level of protection this product offers with such little effort.

Best Car Interior Protectant:

  • BRIGHTENS AND REJUVENATES: It’s perfect for dashboards, window trims, bumper grills, seats, and more.
  • RESTORES COLOR AND BRILLIANCE: This long-lasting formula pierces interior and exterior surfaces and operates as a plastic restorer, vinyl restorer, and trim restorer. It also works on rubber products to restore the vibrance and color they had when they were new.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UV AND SUNLIGHT: Trim Shine Protectant provides a durable and long-lasting layer of sunlight and UV ray protection that reduces fading, cracking, and discoloration over time.
  • MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION: Stoner Car Care Pro Trim Shine provides a durable shine to cladding, trim, tires, bumpers, convertible tops, seat backs, dashboards, armrests, air vents, the steering column, and more.
  • MADE IN THE USA: We formulate, manufacture, and distribute our own products in the USA, unlike major competitors. We take pride in using superior ingredients to provide our customers with exceptional car care products.
  • Includes two 22-ounce trigger bottles