10 Best Digital Boost Gauge

Best Digital Boost Gauge

10. Best Digital Boost Gauge:



If you’ve been in the tuning scene for some time, Turbosmart needs no presentation anymore. It’s been around forever and must be the most well-known forced induction system component manufacturer by now. Of course, they have a full range of products and gauges and they are all pretty much awesome. But for the purpose of this article, we had to select only the best ones and the TS-0101-2023 is probably the most used model out there—it was a no-brainer.

The Turbosmart TS-0101-2023 is a smart-looking mechanical boost gauge, with a black face, silver bezel, and red needle. Like the GlowShift above, it also displays up to 30 PSI and -30 inHG (you’ll see that this bracket is somewhat a standard in the industry).

The kit includes long tubing, gauge hood/cap, t-fitting, mounting hardware, and instruction papers. But it is worth noting that the tubing that comes with it tangles easily, so you may need to be careful.

Another drawback is that it can be extremely bright at night. And although wiring a dimmer switch is possible, the extra hardware is sold separately.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Best Digital Boost Gauge
  • Reliability track record
  • Super Bright (can be a pro or a con depending on your preference)
  • Clean design


  • Undimmable
  • Not the best tubing (but that can easily be replaced, right?)
Best Digital Boost Gauge

9. Best Mechanical Boost Gauge:

Best Digital Boost Gauge

AutoMeter is another well-known company specializing in gauge manufacturing and data acquisition systems. It’s been around since 1957 and never stopped growing since then. By now, it also produces OEM gauges for large carmakers and also supplies advanced instrumentation systems for NASCAR. With such an impressive pedigree, you simply can’t go wrong with this brand.

The Ultra-Lite boost gauge is a highly reliable and retro-looking mechanical boost gauge that is very easy to use and simple to install. It deserves our Editor’s Pick due to its traditional but practical approach. There is no backlighting or customizable LEDs. Instead, it uses a simple incandescent bulb that illuminates the entire dial. This means that an electrical connection is not needed for the gauge to operate (aside from connecting the light bulb to the 12V lighting system, of course), and would fit any type of vehicle with no issue.

No bells, no whistles; just like good ol’ gauges from the past. Yes, it might not look as fancy as other backlit, colored models, but if you intend to use it in a race car with a stripped interior, who cares about those LEDs anyway? Not to mention that fewer electrical components also mean fewer risks of something going awry in the long run.

This gauge comes with a 1/8” nylon line, vacuum and compression fitting, t-fitting, bulb, and socket assembly, bulb covers (red and green), mounting hardware, and installation instructions.

It might not be the best-looking boost gauge out there but if you want a professional model that won’t cost an arm and a leg, look no further; this is the one you need!



Best Digital Boost Gauge

8. Best Wideband Gauge:

AutoMeter Spek Smoked Digital Stepper Motor 35 PSI Boost Gauge (Model P30352)

The second AutoMeter boost gauge on the list, the Spek Smoked Digital Stepper Motor, is a step up from the traditional Ultra-Lite mechanical model. With the vacuum gauge removed, the boost readings now go from 0-35 PSI, which is a lifesaver if your car runs above 30 PSI of boost—there are not that many options out there that can go that high.

The vacuum gauge is traded for something else, though. Like the GlowShift gauge we reviewed at the beginning, this boost gauge also features seven options of backlit colors and a smoked lens. But I might be biased here since, I gotta admit, this is probably the model I prefer.

A few modern features are also present, such as independent dimming of the dial and pointer for night mode, adjustable low and high warnings, memory function for recalling maximum gauge readings, and pro-control output that activates the relay and triggers the warning lights of your choice.

Combining class-leading accuracy and top-notch durability with those modern features, the Spek Smoked Digital Stepper Motor boost gauge could be one of the best options for both advanced and beginner-tuned car owners.

Keep in mind the price, though, which is more than twice as high as the old-fashioned counterpart on this list.


  • Cool design with configurable backlighting
  • Next-level quality
  • More functions than most
  • Best Digital Boost Gauge
  • Goes up to 35 PSI, unlike most models
  • Independent dimming
  • The smoked lens looks super dope!


7. Best Electronic Boost Controller:

 Innovate Motorsports SCG-1

From Innovate Motorsports comes the most comprehensive boost gauge on our list. The SCG-1 provides a fully digital readout that we think will appeal if you’re going for a high-tech look in your car’s cabin. The SCG-1 is also a good choice if you’re running relatively high boost levels, as it reads to a maximum of 43.5 PSI. It also shows vacuum readings down to -29 inHg.

In addition to boost and vacuum readings, the SCG-1 also displays your engine’s air/fuel ratio thanks to a wideband oxygen (O2) sensor that monitors your vehicle’s exhaust composition. The O2 sensor works with a variety of fuels, including leaded gas and diesel. If you use data logging technology, the SCG-1 accommodates that, too. Innovate Motorsports’ product also lets you set a shift light so you don’t have to look away from the boost reading when doing full-throttle acceleration pulls.

The SCG-1 kit includes all the necessary hardware, plus interchangeable black and white gauge faces and black and silver bezels. The O2 sensor comes with 8 feet of wiring and a bung to weld onto the exhaust.



6. Best Match for Modern Dashboards: ProSport EVO Series

ProSport EVO Series

ProSport makes our list with a good-looking boost gauge that mimics the appearance of digital displays in some modern vehicles. The design uses an all-electric circular indicator that is reminiscent of the way a traditional analog gauge needle sweeps around the dial. An added bonus is a true digital readout in the center of the gauge, giving you a bit of both world.

ProSport’s gauge reads boost up to 35 PSI and also displays manifold vacuum down to -30 inHg. The dial can be toggled between red and blue lighting and goes completely black when the car is off—again, a nice nod to the all-digital displays that have become common in late-model vehicles.

The ProSport EVO comes with mounting hardware, a T-fitting to tap into your car’s intake, an unspecified length of tubing, and a module that converts mechanical manifold pressure readings into the digital signal displayed by the gauge. While some buyers complain about poor visibility in bright daylight, ProSport also sells a hood that reduces glare.


  • A well-done digital gauge at a reasonable price
  • the added benefit of a true digital secondary display
  • Best Digital Boost Gauge


  • Poor visibility in daylight
  • installation more complicated than other products

5. Auto Meter Z-Series Mechanical Boost Gauge

Auto Meter 2617 Z-Series

Here’s another Auto Meter boost gauge that is a model of simplicity. This one differs from the 4303 model we named Best Basic Boost Gauge in that it reads only boost and not vacuum; also, the 2617’s dial goes up to 60 PSI, doubling what the 4303 can handle. This might be the gauge for you if you drive a truck and want to keep track of how much boost the turbo is generating while towing. It would also suit high-horsepower car applications, such as a turbocharged engine you’ve built for racing.

Another hint that this gauge is best for high-boost applications is seen in the dial’s gradations. From zero to 10 PSI, each mark is an increase of 2 PSI, while from 10 PSI and up, each tick denotes a 1-PSI increase. That means you’ll only be able to accurately judge changes in boost levels above the 10-PSI mark.

Like the other Auto Meter product in this list, 2617 is backlit by an incandescent bulb, but the light only shows around the perimeter of the dial, and customization is limited to red and green bulb covers. Any way you install it, though, this is not the ideal gauge for nighttime driving. If you decide you don’t need backlighting, installing this product is a simple all-mechanical job.

The Auto Meter 2617 comes with 1/8” nylon tubing and compression fittings, a 1/4” NPT adapter, bulb and socket assembly, mounting hardware, and instructions.



  • Some buyers complained of moisture infiltration
  • light bulb socket fitment is questionable

4. Best Air Fuel Ratio Gauge:

AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

AEM UEGO Air Ratio Gauge has a digital LED display and LED needle that changes colors from rich to lean with AFR changes. The gauge housing is 52mm ensuring it fits perfectly in most gauge pods and may be mounted anywhere remotely.

The AEM digital boost gauge is required definitely to maximize the power and safety of the engine.

The AEM gauge features an analog output of 0-5V to be utilized with the engine management system and data loggers.

Each gauge features black and white faceplates and silver and black bezels offering a custom look. The Bosch sensor is 4.9LSU used in AEM UEGO Controller Gauge draws less current as it has a faster light off time, thus it offers speed and accuracy.

The 4.9 LSU sensor has 4.2 LSU fuel compatibility. It does not require free-air calibration.

The sensor uses a different connector that cannot be interchanged with 4.2 LSU sensors. The boost gauge requires maximizing the power and safety of the engine.

This boost gauge is distinct and it alerts quickly if there is a change in air/fuel ratio offering enough shutting downtime to the engine that it does not cause any damage for that this is the best digital boost gauge.


  • Affordable
  • Shuts down before causing any damage
  • Easy Installation
  • Best Air Fuel Ratio Gauge
  • Alerts quickly if there is an air/fuel ratio change


  • The warranty period is not specified
  • Not an all-powerful boost gauge
  • Careful installation is a must to ensure the perfect fit

3. Actron SP0F000050 Bosch Style Line 2″ Mechanical Vacuum/Boost Gauge:

Bosch SP0F000050 Style Line 2' Mechanical Vacuum/Boost Gauge (Black Dial Face, Black Bezel)

The Bosch SP0F000050 is a Mechanical Vacuum Style Line 2” Boost Gauge. It features a 0-20 PSI Boost, a 0-30 in. Hg Vacuum scale with a 270-degree sweep, including tubing and fittings of 72”.

The gauge features a black dial in standard 2 such that the black dial opening is for 2-1/16” and it features a removable black bezel and black mounting panel.

It also includes internal backlighting for 12Volt and mounting hardware. The Style line offers an easy read as it features a bright pointer against a black or white background. Adding style and there will be the Bosch gauges. It is known for engineering, precision, and innovation.

The Bosch gauges will be the first line including replacement temperature, speedometers, tachometers, and pressure gauges to suit all applications. The Branded gauges are Bosch representing the latest design and it is an ideal choice for industrial, automotive, and racing products.


  • A straightforward boost gauge
  • the Bosch name promises good build quality


  • Fittings can be difficult to attach to the supplied tubing also
  • the tubing itself is not pliable
  • Best Digital Boost Gauge
  • which complicates the installation process
  • some buyers complain that the gauge makes a lot of noise

2. AEM PSI Boost Gauge:

AEM PSI Boost Gauge

The next best gauge unit we have recommended for your vehicle is the AEM Boost Gauge, a specially crafted unit designed by seasoned scientists and engineers for your comfortable use. It is the world’s most affordable unit in recent times, and it acts as a complete standalone gauge, unlike many brands on the market. This gauge kit doesn’t make use of any additional programs or sensors for its operations. It uses an LED system, which enables it to provide you will all the precise references required for critical and thorough procedures. Keep yourself and anyone who takes control of your vehicle safe by making use of a gauge kit that alerts the driver as and when there are any operating conditions.

The AEM mechanical boost gauge kit delivers a routing to your engine and proper management of the engine system, via its 0-5v analog output system. It also allows you to operate this system in a more personalized and customized manner through the inclusion of several bezels and faceplates. These features make your gauge look more like what you want it to be, as opposed to a generic outlook, which will not be very attractive. Enjoy real-time operating conditions by using the AEM boost gauge for your vehicle. It can be mounted anywhere you please, with the ability to fit into most gauge pods.

Key Features:

  • Gauge pressure range -30-35psi
  • Best Digital Boost Gauge
  • requires no additional sensors to operate
  • LED display
  • Includes 0-5V analog output

1. Innovate Motorsports MTX Digital Series Dual Function Boost Gauge Kit:

Innovate Motorsports MTX Digital Series Dual Function Boost Gauge Kit

Stay innovative with your vehicle and allow the operations of your car to differ from all other cars by investing in quality tools and accessories. Over the years, car owners have come across a wide range of gauge kits, each one promising to be more efficient than the last. The constant provision has broadened the market and, ultimately, left many of us confused about how to identify the perfect gauge system. It is for this reason that this article exists, and also why we are introducing you to the Innovate Motorsports Gauge Kit. This is a lightweight system put together for dual purposes.

The Innovate auto meter boost gauge offers a digital display and the use of LEDs which make its operations more fun. We love that it features a progressive shift light, overboost warning, and a single-stage shift light. The dual functions of this unit offer you a higher value for money, which is tough to find. You can use this unit in moisture, thanks to its 52 mm water resistance. It offers the most straightforward installation procedure and can also be connected to your PC, IPAD, iPhone, and so on.

Key Features:

  • Boost: -29 in HG to 43.5 PSI shift: up to 20460 RPM
  • Display as BAR Over boost warning
  • Best Digital Boost Gauge
  • Single-stage shift light
  • Interchangeable faceplates and bezels